6 Ways To Determine If Your Body Is Properly Fit



Your Heart Rate

Based on gender, height, and age, your target heart rate while exercising will be very specific to you. It needs to be maintained while working out. First, find out what your resting heart rate is simply by keeping track of your pulse through your neck or wrist for 15 seconds. Take that number and multiply by four; this is your heart's actual beats per minute.

Take the number 220 and subtract your age, and that will be your maximum heart rate. To find your target heart rate, though, you just need to multiply the maximum you got by 50% and 85%. Staying within these numbers during your routine is the goal.


Determine Aerobic Fitness

Determining your aerobic fitness level is pretty straightforward. Just walk or jog a mile. Track the time it took while recording your heart rate.

You don't want to go sprinting or something, though. This is because you don't want to worry about anaerobic levels. Additionally, things can get more complicated if you do.


Evaluate Your Muscle Fitness

Evaluate your muscle fitness. This is done by giving your muscles a real challenge. Try doing as many push-ups and pull-ups as you can.

Do this at one time. The pull-ups will typically be a lot harder. But these numbers will show you just how fit your muscles actually are.

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