10 Must-Try Fast-Food Hamburgers


The Most Beloved Fast-Food Burgers

This list makes a case for some of the best burgers in all of America. There may be a few places left out, but you'll agree that this is a good compilation. The hamburger itself is one of the culinary world's simplest yet most legendary creations. It's just a ground beef patty on a bun, but despite being so simple, there's a huge gap between a perfect burger and a bad one.

Everybody has his or her perfect burger, whether it's the burger joint you grew up with or your go-to burger after a night of partying. Here are the most beloved fast-food burgers. These are the ones that got it right and can be life-changing.


Carl's Jr.'s Six Dollar Thickburger

Regions other than the western and southwestern parts of the USA are in need of development because they're missing out on Carl's Jr. and its amazing Six Dollar Thickburger. Its name comes from the belief that it tastes so good, it'd cost six dollars anywhere else. It first debuted in 2001.

They made a genius marketing tactic, despite probably costing closer to $6 today. This burger is huge. It weighs in at a third of a pound from just the charbroiled Angus beef.


A&W's Papa Burger

A&W is known for its root beer and mugs. But this place has excellent burgers, too. The best is the Papa Burger, part of their unique "burger family."

The ingredients include everything that creates a classic burger as well as their signature sauce. Sure, you could probably make it yourself at home. But there's something about this burger that can't be replicated.

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