5 Tips For Becoming A Man Of Fitness


What Are You Willing To Put In?

The very essence of a man is to be fit. The ability to do regular, everyday activities with complete vigor and alertness without the worry of fatigue while still having more left in the tank is more useful than you might think. It's certainly something some of us take for granted, especially when we're younger. When emergencies arise, whether during recreation or leisure, overall fitness will shine through when you least expect it.

Nobody is ever too young or old to be fit. If you're reading this, your fitness can be improved in a variety of ways, no matter what background or situation you come from. Engaging in aerobic exercise or strength training or preferably both are the main keys. In order to stay in tip-top shape, you'll need to combine this with a healthy diet as well.

The part to remember is that it really isn't all that hard. Unless you're extremely out of shape and have a lot of weight to lose or have health problems, such as severe asthma, it will only come down to how much you're willing to put in and what you want out. Even with many challenges, a man can strive to live an active lifestyle in whatever way suits him the best.


Build More Muscle

No one's saying that you need to become a gym rat or become a bodybuilder. It's all about staying strong. Your fitness regimen needs to include a routine that aims at building your muscles.

Aging causes you to lose between five to seven pounds of muscle mass every ten years of your adult life, given that you live an inactive lifestyle. "Use it or lose it" - this saying applies here. The simple solution to this is to regularly do something that's going to build strength.


Work On Cardiovascular Fitness

Flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness are the tenets of a man's fitness, and you should work on all these. But cardiovascular fitness is the most important by far, as focusing on this will make strength and flexibility even easier to build and maintain. If you're one of those guys who hate running but love sports, like basketball or soccer, there's your solution.

If you feel like you don't have time to work out, devote some free time to simple aerobic exercise. Walk when possible rather than drive. Take the stairs. The little things you do will make sure that your blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart levels stay in check.

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