6 Ways That Your Pet Can Qualify For Tax Deductions



For Work-Related Pets

You can get some tax deductions on jobs that involve animals. If you're a professional dog breeder, for example, or you have racehorses, you can deduct many expenses. Even if you just buy a lot of supplies for animal care because you're a dog walker, depending on your job, you can snag a deduction.

It does not matter how minor your job interaction with the animals is. It could pay to look into a deduction opportunity. Keep all the receipts and make sure that you can prove that certain items were for job duties.


For Service Dogs

Service dogs and guide dogs, according to the IRS, require some pretty pinpoint documentation. Therefore, it's important to save receipts, notices, and bills. Keep track of all the paperwork from the veterinarian.

You'll find these deductions in the medical expenses form. The common items that can be written off are leashes and food. From training to veterinarian trips, even the cost of purchasing the service animal, these things can be deducted as well.


Animal Foster Care

In some instances, if you and your family conduct foster care provisions for animals, you can qualify for expense deductions. If it's for charity, your household can remove the cost of care entirely from your income. Of course, the charity must be a 501(c) (3) nonprofit and registered properly with the IRS.

To prove that your household is fostering animals, the animal shelter can help with the paperwork. The IRS will ask to see receipts for stuff like medication, visits, food, and leashes. So save everything and organize files properly to avoid any problems.

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