16 Handy iPhone Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind



Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Being out in the wilderness calls for smartphone essentials. For the iPhone, this translates to an external battery and a wireless speaker. Rather than bringing a bunch of tech with you, opt for Outdoor Tech's Buckshot Pro.

Priced at $78, this three-in-one Bluetooth speaker comes equipped with a flashlight and bike mount. This thing can take a hit and churn out a sound quality that's great, doubling as a microphone or speakerphone for hands-free calls. It yields ten hours of music playback and can even be used to charge your phone.


Monoprice Battery Backup LED Flashlight

Ever had the problem of needing to stay in one spot while your phone is charging? Of course, you have. Monoprice's latest invention solves this problem for $16, utilizing a Lightning cable to connect to your iPhone 6.

The pack itself is about the size of a tube of body spray and packs a 5200 mAh cell. That's enough punch to charge your iPhone two times over. The LED display indicates the amount of power the charger has left, and the integrated battery doubles as an LED flashlight. You can get it in white or blue, and it comes with an 18-month warranty.


Kenu's Airframe Portable Car Mount

Quick access to your iPhone is a must when you're driving your vehicle. The majority of car mounts are somewhat unwieldy. But here's one that's both affordable and pocket-sized.

The Kenu's Airframe+ expands to fit phones larger than even the iPhone 6 Plus and snaps on the air vents on your dashboard. Texts, GPS, and other information will be at eye level and hands-free. This device weighs 1.28 oz and measures 2.7 x 1.9 x 1 in - you can take it with you after you park.

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